Our Achievement - Welcome to Darjeeling Public School

Where Darjeeling public school (DJPS) has left so many imprints on the heart of people , here it leaves another but this time not only on the front of people of a region but on the heart of people of all region .
Where social networking sites have connected many people's heart , here it connects you to a family . Darjeeling Public School family whose moto is " self exploration " meaning that it gives you the freedom to explore students abilities , up to more potential .
Let me give you the brief introduction of it journey . DJPS was established on 6th February 2009 for students from nursery to 10th and is run by an NGO LPB Educational & Welfare Society in a small town of Bihar named Saharsa . It is a day scholar cum boarding School .
The infrastructure of the school is one of the best in town as it has all the facilities like
1. Computer Lab
2. Chemistry Lab
3. Physics Lab
4. Senior Playground
5. Junior Playground
Hostel facilities -
1. Separate hostel for boys and girls
2. Proper mess facilities
3. Four hour tuition available for the best output
Academic its milestone achievement was the class 10th batch of CBSE Board Base Exam 2016. Which was the 1st batch of this school and it brought proud to the school because 80% of the student passed with above 9.5 cgpa which is more than 90% and the rest passed with distinction . The products of this school are now in Indias top ranking schools or institutes like DPS RK Puram , KV, Aakash etc. The school has had a great achievements also the students of this school have secured their position in national level competitions.
This is not the end as it says self exploration so this school is a world in its own , if you want to explore your own selves then hurry!!