About Us

About Darjeeling Public School , Saharsa

Where Darjeeling public school (DJPS) has left so many imprints on the heart of people , here it leaves another but this time not only on the front of people of a region but on the heart of people of all region .
Where social networking sites have connected many people’s heart , here it connects you to a family . Darjeeling Public School family whose moto is ” self exploration ” meaning that it gives you the freedom to explore students abilities , up to more potential .
Let me give you the brief introduction of it journey . DJPS was established on 6th February 2009 for students from nursery to 10th and is run by an NGO LPB Educational & Welfare Society in a small town of Bihar named Saharsa . It is a day scholar cum boarding School .
The infrastructure of the school is one of the best in town as it has all the facilities like

DJPS is an ISO certified unit of an educational trust with mission to nurture, inspire, and support development of strong successful schools across India  as a part of its endeavor to improve education.

The system is the time-tested, well-researched education reform which is acclaimed around in India and is in great demand across the India. We continuously keep on associating with leading Montessori organizations and entities, by virtue of which we are benefited with the guidelines and latest development in Montessori world.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in the child development through empowerment of children.

Our Mission

To spread “The Montessori Way-knowledge of how children naturally learn” across India.


The Philosophy

  • Treats every child with respect
  • Provides clarity of direction
  • Provide a programme of holistic development
  • Nurtures an attitude of service in all one does
  • Elite grooming for universal citizenship
  • Provides evaluation that empowers & inspires.
  • Cooperation not competition

 Aims & Objectives

  • To encourage children to realize their true potential.
  • To make children learn, and develop joy in learning.
  • To prepare children to be life-long learners by developing their skills as academic achievers.
  • Nurtures the whole child.
  • Personalize learning for each child.
  • Builds analytical & logical skills for better.
  • Intrinsically motivated – becomes the possible version of oneself.
  • Encourage children to realize their true potential.
  • Make children develop joy in learning.
  • Prepare children to be life-long learners.
  • Celebrates diversity and appreciates similarities.
  • Nurtures universal values like compassion, empathy, sympathy, and non – violence.
  • Builds original thinkers.
  • Universal peace.