Other Activities

Model United Nations

Model United Nations are globally acknowledged simulations of UN conferences which act as a splendid platform to harness one’s discoursing and diplomatic finesse. Notre Dame Academy, alongwith its Parents Teacher Association realised its significance and organised an NDA MUN on the 5th of February where students of class 8th were seen clad in the traditional apparel of their assigned nations and this divergence of views greatly succeeded in enriching our societal culture. A heated discussion ensued on the agenda of ‘human rights’ where the delegates put forth their country’s stance under the chairmanship of Shorya Subalakshmi (11 Sc A), Anukriti Trivedi (11 Arts), Elvira Mishra (11 Sc A) and Ishana Singh (12th Arts). Multiple laurels were bagged by the deserving students including Most Promising Speaker, Best Researcher, Best Presenter, Best Dressed Delegate, etc. Overall, it was a knowledgeable experience for all those who partook in this event and yielded highly fruitful results.



“Every child is a gift from God…”

The Children’s Day festivities for the year 2015-16 defined the very meaning of fervor and gaiety. Coupled with the usual splendor and grandeur associated with Notre Dame, they produced a fantastic celebration which no one is likely to forget. Bedecked in their dazzling fineries, the Damian girls were a sight to behold. The mellifluous tunes of the ‘Musical Bonanza’, the well coordinated dance performances, as well as the aromatic delicacies prepared by the Mamma’s Club will remain etched in the hearts and memories of all children and teachers who were lucky enough to witness the occasion.


 A good orator makes us see with our ears…

Aspirations and speculations ran high, and the excitement in the air was almost tangible, as the war of words commenced between the worthy debaters present in Notre Dame. The Great Debate was not only a platform for intellectual thinking, it was also a call for transformation of society. Expressing their staunch belief in their cause, the delegates were the quintessence of wit and decorum. Shabdika of Notre Dame Academy bagged the Best Speaker award in the Senior category while Notre Dame was adjudged the Overall Champion.