Our Classroom

Our classroom is a lively place!  We sit in groups of 4 or 6 which allows us to work independently or with partners.  We have lots of opportunity to work with different classmates as we move around for reading, spelling, maths and co-operative learning.

Our visual calendar reminds us what we will be working on each day. We make good use of the interactive whiteboard to record our ideas, and to play interactive games which help us learn.  We have a class library where we can share books and magazines during daily reading time.  We post work and ideas on our Learning Wall each week then gather them for our Learning Journey book.

 Our school is a Rights Respecting School.  One of our first tasks in Primary 4 was to create a Classroom Charter.  We talked about how pupils and adults should behave at school and we recorded our ideas on speech bubbles as a reminder.  We work hard to support each other so that everyone in the class can be the best they can be at school.  We create our own targets each term and try hard to achieve them with support from our teachers, school staff and families.
Our Maths wall contains number lines, number squares, playing cards and counters help us to actively learn patterns and grouping while the display of our times table dartboards and key words help us to remember facts.  Our Vocabulary Connectives Openers and Punctuation (VCOP) display supports us with writing and we are proud to be a Dyslexia Friendly classroom!  We know that everyone learns in different ways so we have ear defenders, highlighters, reading rulers, word mats and more to help with literacy work.  

Our Dynamic Libraries

Our school library is a store house of books . It has books of different types. There are books on all subjects in our library. Students can get any book issued in their names. Also, there are many journals, magazines and daily news papers. There are books of literature, history, civics. mathematics. physics. chemistry, painting, music, sports, magic, geography, zoology  etc. in many languages. In our library, books are arranged in shelves and cup boards. The library is a huge hall and is divided into sections with glass partitions. It has a room for the librarian and the staff of the library.The other part of library is a reading room. It is quite place. It remains open all day. Many students sit there and study. Our school librarian is polite and humble. He is very helpful by nature. He keeps the books in perfect order. The Library is the treasure house of knowledge, past and present.It creates love for books among the students.

Transport Facilities

DJPS provides multiple transportation options for students. We provide transportation for students and staff in and around Erode and surrounding areas. Depending on where our students reside, we recommend specific bus
routes to provide the best school transportation options.

 Bus policy & Guidelines
  • All our school buses satisfy the school transportation rules created by the Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • We have installed GPS (Global Positioning System) to provide real-time updates to school authorities about the students’ location.
  • We have a Transport Coordinator that can be reached by phone at all times during student travel times to and from school at (+91 95663 69169)
  • We have an attendant escort on the bus at all times.
  • Children should be ready and waiting at their stops 5 minutes before pick up time.
  • Bus routes are very tightly scheduled so that children and teachers get to school on time. The buses will not wait for latecomers either at the stop or at school for the return trip.
  • Each bus is equipped with a phone. Parents are encouraged to contact the Transport Coordinator at (+91 95663 69169) to
  • Inform the attendant on the bus if your child is not attending school.
  • Check if the bus is running late (for the return trip). Often there is a traffic jam for as long as 15 minutes, and it is not possible to inform every parent.
  • Any changes in pick up/drop off venue should be cleared with the office (in writing). The office will then inform the bus driver of the change.
  • Bus timings/routes may periodically change in order to reduce travel time or to accommodate new students.
  • The buses cannot provide door-to-door service, as this increases the time spent commuting to and from school.
  • Students are expected to maintain proper decorum on the bus. The following are the bus rules. Students should
    • remain seated
    • keep noise levels low
    • not stick hands or head out of the window
    • not be rude to people on the road
    • not eat on the bus
    • not litter the bus failing which, penalties will be imposed, including exclusion from the bus service

School Playground

Our Playground is of a very large size. It is five hundred feet long and three hundred feet broad. It is oblong in shape. It is covered with beautiful green grass. The grasses are regularly pruned. So, the playground looks quite plain. Different kinds of games are played on it. There are different courts for different games. Necessary lines have been marked in the courts. On our playground, there are courts for the game of Football, Righball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Cricket, Ha-di-du and Hide and Seek.

Season and time of play

 We play different games in different seasons on our playground. We play football in the rainy season. In the dry season we play Volleyball and many other games. Everyday we play here after the school is over. We play from 4 P.M to 5 P.M.


Sometimes we play match-games of football on our playground. The best eleven of our school plays with the best eleven of another school. Many people of our area come here to see the football match. We also hold match games of Cricket and Volleyball. On such days, our playground is full of uproar. We are all merry and mirthful.

Care of the playground

Our playground is in charge of the game’s teacher of our school. He takes care of it with the help of the Captain.


Our playground is a nice one. It is important for us. Here we learn all kinds of games and sports. Here we learn disciplines and sportsmanship. So, I have both love an respect for it.