Our classroom

Our classroom is a lively place!  We sit in groups of 4 or 6 which allows us to work independently or with partners.  We have lots of opportunity to work with different classmates as we move around for reading, spelling, maths and co-operative learning.

Our visual calendar reminds us what we will be working on each day. We make good use of the interactive whiteboard to record our ideas, and to play interactive games which help us learn.  We have a class library where we can share books and magazines during daily reading time.  We post work and ideas on our Learning Wall each week then gather them for our Learning Journey book.

Our Maths wall contains number lines, number squares, playing cards and counters help us to actively learn patterns and grouping while the display of our times table dartboards and key words help us to remember facts.  Our Vocabulary Connectives Openers and Punctuation (VCOP) display supports us with writing and we are proud to be a Dyslexia Friendly classroom!  We know that everyone learns in different ways so we have ear defenders, highlighters, reading rulers, word mats and more to help with literacy work.  
Our school is a Rights Respecting School.  One of our first tasks in Primary 4 was to create a Classroom Charter.  We talked about how pupils and adults should behave at school and we recorded our ideas on speech bubbles as a reminder.  We work hard to support each other so that everyone in the class can be the best they can be at school.  We create our own targets each term and try hard to achieve them with support from our teachers, school staff and families.